Rental Demand

Includes Active Adult.

Typically, a five-year moving average of all types of construction (as reported by building permits) corresponds closely to a five-year moving average for overall housing demand (defined as household change plus replacement requirements).

The five-year moving average allows sufficient time for adjustment to prices and rents, and tenure shifts (owner versus renter). On a year-to-year basis, it is important to note the difference between incremental demand required to maintain a balanced housing market, and the expected turnover in the market (which includes the incremental change).

YOUR Primary Market Area

As of any date through 2015




Annual Turnover Demand (includes change in incremental demand)

0 & 1 Bdrm.

2 Bdrm.


$400+ 48 - -
$500+ 32 113 -
$600+ 17 63 57
$700+ 6 25 40
$800+ - 5 31
$900+ - - 17
$1000+ - - 7


Urbek can provide detailed demand estimates by sales price and rent levels in a particular local market, nationwide.

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