Rental Demand

Includes Active Adult.

Typically, a five-year moving average of all types of construction (as reported by building permits) corresponds closely to a five-year moving average for overall housing demand (defined as household change plus replacement requirements).

The five-year moving average allows sufficient time for adjustment to prices and rents, and tenure shifts (owner versus renter). On a year-to-year basis, it is important to note the difference between incremental demand required to maintain a balanced housing market, and the expected turnover in the market (which includes the incremental change).

YOUR Primary Market Area




Annual Turnover Demand (includes change in incremental demand)

0 & 1 Bdrm.

2 Bdrm.


$400+ 48 - -
$500+ 32 113 -
$600+ 17 63 57
$700+ 6 25 40
$800+ - 5 31
$900+ - - 17
$1000+ - - 7


Urbek can provide detailed demand estimates by sales price and rent levels in a particular local market, nationwide.

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