A Comparison of Independent Living Alternatives

The following table compares characteristics of a traditional rental walk-up; active adult rental; and seniors rental apartments with independent living services. Median age for the active adult rental tends to fall into the 65 to 74 age group, the fastest growing age cohort nationally, yet a significantly under-served market-rate segment in nearly every local rental housing market.

Traditional Rental walk-up Active adult rental Independent living rental with services
- Mix of 1BR, and 2BR units. Few studios. Generally large unit sizes.
- Seniors often occupy ground floor units because ambulating stairs difficult.
- Balconies and patios.
- No elevator.
- Site and property security minimal.
- Parking for each unit.
- No 24 hour staffing.
- No meals or dining room.
- No housekeeping.
- No second person charge.
- No special mail or package handling.
- Unit occasionally used as second residence.
- No emergency call button.
- Mostly one and two bedroom units. (Income restricted predominantly one bedroom units.)
- Elevator.
- Secure access to residential building.
- Parking for each unit.
- No 24 hour staffing.
- Restaurant or Bistro on site;
easy access to meals; or meals delivered to site.
- Access to housekeeping services.
- No second person charge.
- Typically handles mail and package deliveries.
- Use of unit as second residence common.
- May or may not have emergency call system
- Mostly studio and 1BR units, few 2BR units. Generally small units.
- Balconies and patios an exception. Interior halls.
- Elevator.
- Site and property security emphasized.
- Less than one parking space per unit.
- 24-hour staffing common.
- Dining room with one or more meals included in rent.
- Housekeeping typically included in rent.
- Second person charge.
- Typically handles mail and package deliveries.
- Emergency call system.



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